Meet Clark Beard

Clark Beard is a Broker/REALTOR® and Certified Residential & FHA Fee Appraiser. He holds a C10 Electrical Contractors license, a private pilot’s license and is a retired Hang Glider Pilot.

“There are old pilots and bold pilots but there are no old-bold pilots.”

Clark was born and grew up in the North West of England (Manchester area). Coming from a modest background, Clark started his working life as an Apprentice Electrician. After gaining his journeyman’s certification, Clark began his own Electrical Construction Company in the early 80’s. Later he moved into security systems before coming to America in 1987.

He continued in the electrical construction field and operated an avocado and flower ranch for a number of years before moving into Real Estate Appraisal and Sales. He now lives in San Diego County with his wife Carol, and four wonderful children.  He says, “The life we lead is a reflection of the values we hold true, the beliefs we share and undeserved blessing we enjoy. Life is a gift, that’s why we call today the present.”

Awards and Notable Accomplishments: 2009 Local Realtors Award of Excellence

Recently Valley Center Realtors® presented Krueger Realty’s Clark Beard with the 2009 Realtor® Award of Excellence. This award is presented to Realtors® who provide an exemplary service to customers and the greater community. Specifically, Clark was recognized for his leadership in processing the Valley Center Community Aid Group’s charitable status; Clark and his fellow Realtors® work hard to support the community with events such as the upcoming Scholarship Fund Golf Tournament. Clark has been active in Real Estate for many years as a Certified Residential Appraiser and recently as a realtor. This experience makes Clark ideally suited to help buyers and sellers in this difficult environment of changing values.

Valley Center Charitable Aid Group:

Founder and one of the founding directors of this charitable organization dedicated to community enhancement and vitality VCCAG, with many active REALTORS work each year to help provide Scholarships and other charitable activities to aid and benefit the community of Valley Center and its surrounding country towns.

Contact information:

Office: (760) 522-4435

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